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Conquest Customs Underdrive Pulley for 2005 & UP 100/106ci (WIDE Tire)

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Price: $399.99
Conquest Underdrive Pulley for 05 & Up WIDE Tire bikes (100 & 106ci) 
1045 Carbo Steel.
Increased performance without engine mods!

It reduces the tooth count from 33 to 31

Quicker launch

Better roll on acceleration

Stay in the "sweet spot" RPM range during slower riding speeds
7 % RPM differential in 6th gear

The purpose of underdrive gears is to multiply the torque delivered by the engine and transmission. Gears can be thought of as complex levers. In other words, they provide a mechanical advantage that multiplies work—in this case, torque—to help the engine’s power move the vehicle. Lower gears are like a longer lever: They provide more mechanical advantage. Higher gears are like a shorter lever: They provide less mechanical advantage. It’s similar to when you use a long breaker bar instead of a short ratchet handle to remove tight lug nuts. Just like a long bar puts more torque on a lug nut, lower drive gears provide more torque to the wheels



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