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Lloydz Victory Performance Cams

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Price: $512.00


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Attention riders of '08-prior models:

At this time we will not be offering small-journal VM1 cams for '08-prior bikes - instead, we recommend performing a cam carrier conversion upgrade from '08-back small-journal cam carriers to '09-current large-journal cam carriers, allowing you to fit our large journal cams for '09-current Victory models. We can provide you with all parts required for the cam carrier upgrade for an additional $299.95. At this time we are recommending the VM1-DR cam profile under this configuration.

HOH-LSC: Easily outperforming any other low-mid range aftermarket cam profile available for Victory Freedom motors, we're proud to offer our newest cam profile, the Lloyd'z Signature Cams! The LSC cams are a direct replacement drop-in cam profile and require no valve spring or head modifications, typically offering 16-18 additional peak hp.

HOH-VM1-DR: With incredible power increases for stock compression 106" motors, these are our drop in cams that require no valve spring or head modifications for '09-up models, typically yielding gains of 16-18 peak hp. For maximum benefit a good performance exhaust and fuel controller are highly recommended.

HOH-VM1-HPT-DR: Our High Performance Touring Cam is our preferred cam profile for Vision models, and can also be used on Cross Country models for riders that are looking for more high-end power than our Drop-In cams offer, typically yielding gains of 18-24 peak hp. To fit this cam, your Cam Carriers and Rear Carrier's Exhaust Rocker will need to be clearanced.

HOH-495: Our 495 cams were designed for riders of '09-up Steel Frame Models looking for a cam comparable to our HPT cam for Big Bore Kit Applications. Prior to the release of our HOH-495 cam, riders of '09-up Steel Frame Models looking to fit S&S 495 cams would need to swap their existing carriers for a set of 495 carriers in order to fit the cam. This is no longer the case as our HOH-495 cams simply require clearancing identical to that of our HPT cams (Cam Carriers and Rear Carrier's Exhaust Rocker need to be clearanced). Our 495 Cams will require the installation of high lift valve springs, which can be found here.


You will need to install a fuel management system to utilize our performance cams, we recommend you use a Power Commander 5 and have your bike dyno-tuned in order to yield optimal results.



HOH-VM1-DR: Drop-In fitment for all '09-up Victory Motors, '08-Prior Victory Motors will require a Large-Journal Cam Carrier Conversion Upgrade

HOH-LSC: Fits all '09-up Victory Motors

HOH-VM1-HPT-DR: Fits all Vision/XC Models (Cam Carriers and Rear Exhaust Rocker need to be clearanced)

HOH-495: Fits all '09-up Steel Frame Models (Cam Carriers and Rear Exhaust Rocker need to be clearanced, Requires the installation of high lift valve springs)

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